The Gate Holding

Strategic, Successful, Savvy

The Gate Holding provides support to its consolidated subsidiaries with strategic and legal policies, operational business management and financing. Our expertise stems from years of operating in the local, regional and global markets enabling us to grow into a company with a portfolio of successful ventures.

The business operations of The Gate Holding currently operates in the following business sectors: Real Estate Services, Investment and Development Advisory, Property Development Management, Facility and Maintenance Services.

The Strategic foresight

At The Gate Holding, several factors contribute to making our ventures a success. We research and identify market and industry trends regularly, target profitable investment opportunities and constantly update and expand our knowledge database. Our team at the management level has experience in diverse industries enabling us to align our businesses strategically to profit from the market today while looking forward to emergent opportunities in the future.

The Successful team

Our team of experienced managers and highly skilled personnel are empowered to contribute to the overall growth of the company bringing with them their international expertise, ideas and unique solutions. Every Gate venture is steered by our team of in-house managers who ensure the Gate Holding company guidelines on Business Ethics Quality Control, Customer Service and Legal Policies are maintained across the border.

The Customer Savvy approach

We believe in adding value for our clients’ business needs through providing high quality and innovative products mix and services. With a strong Customer Relations Management system implemented across all our business ventures, we monitor and continually facilitate methods to improve the experience our customers have with the group of companies under The Gate Holding.

Across UAE and the Middle East, we are enabling businesses to run seamlessly.
The companies under The Gate Holding run independently but the focus on quality, customer service, innovation and business policies remain consistent.

The Gate Holding Group of Companies:

  • Quality Group
  • Emirtage
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